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உங்கள் கணினி/லேப்டாப் மெதுவாக செயல் படுகிறதா? இதோ அதற்க்கு தீர்வாய் இந்த மென்பொருள் உங்களுக்கு உதவும். உங்கள் கணினியில் உள்ள தேவை இல்லாத பைல்-களை நீக்கம் , உங்கள் கணினி மெதுவாய் செயல் பட என்ன காரணம் என்று அறிந்து அதற்கு உண்டான தீர்வை சரி வர செய்யும். மிக சிறிய 4.02MB அளவு கொண்ட இந்த பைலை டவுன்லோட் செய்து உடன் கொடுத்திருக்கும் Keygen பயன் படுத்தி Key=களை genarate செய்து இந்த மென்பொருளை முழுமையாய் பயன்படுத்தவும்.

இந்த மென்பொருளின் பயன்கள்:

We designed 360Amigo System Speedup Pro to simplify the way you maintain, optimize and repair errors for better performance of your PC! Your PC will run like new again.
Want examples? Here are 5 good reasons why to use 360Amigo System Speedup Pro.

1. Find and repair 100% more registry and system problems than other system utilities available in the market. Not only fixes more but it is also fixes faster!

2. Exclusive System Tools. You can easily identify malicious processes, services, and stop spyware, hackers and hijackers from installing malicious items on your PC.
3. Recommended by PC experts and editors around the world as the top Windows utility, 360Amigo System Speedup is the best choice for keeping superior PC health at your home or office.
4. Do more and wait less. Improvements that can accelerate sleep and resume and make your PC more responsive help you get more done.
5. Receive dedicated technical support (365x 7/24) from our professional team. Contact our dedicated Customer Support Team for all technical questions related to features, configuration, compatibility and upgradability. Please click here
Quick Tips:
  • Run the 360Amigo System Speedup at least once a week
  • You can set the program to scan automatically: click on the Scheduler button to find out more
  • Go to the System Cleaner tab -> System Restore: Delete old System Restore Points to free disk space
  • Go to the System Optimizer tab -> Startup Manager -> Autorun for all user and Autorun for current user: It provides you the possibility to manage the Windows startup procedure. It offers you the possibility to control which programs automatically start up. This only removes the programs from starting u p, it does not remove them permanently from your PC. It will improve boot time.
  • Go to Tools -> Uninstaller: You may delete the programs that you no longer need to run on your PC. It will free disk space.
  • Go to Tools -> Others: There are a number of tools that will help you to optimize automatically your PC. For example, see the Disk Analyzer, Duplicate File Finder, Empty Folder Scanner, Rootkit Detector and Registry Defrag.


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